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RBS Telecom , part of Afcon/Ateka gruop. has been a leader in the import and marketing of communications products for business and the institutional sector for over 13 years. We are proud to market reliable products from the world’s leading technology, with uncompromising quality

Our long-standing customers include the leading communications companies in Israel, such as YES, Bezeq International, Cellcom, Partner etc

News and Update

New in RBS Telecom

High Quality and Powerful Electrical Fish Tape 30m

Now in the Distribution Stores

New Power supplies for CCTV With Option to UPS

Why to choose RBS-Telecom?

Service and Professionalism

RBS-Telecom is an expert in providing professional solutions, that adjusted to the unique needs of each customer, and creating optimal solutions in a dynamic and challenging environment.


RBS-Telecom is proud to market quality and reliable products that meet the standard of very strict quality tests and with the approval of the Standards Institute of Israel and the Ministry of Communications.


RBS-Telecom sees great importance and supreme value in leading the Israeli communications market by locating advanced technological solutions and creating a whole world of innovative options for its customers.

We run the company
To serve more people

Over 13 years of experience
Institutional customers
Elected Representations
Over 760 customers
over 2000 products

Our winning team

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