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CCTV & Low Voltage innovation

Understanding the customer’s cyber needs and the desire to strive for innovation, RBS-Telecom represents the European company PARTIZAN, whose development center is located in Prague Czech Republic and which works according to strict European GDPR standards. Along with IP cameras, AHD cameras, NVRs, DVRs, analytics, access controls, intercoms and managed relays, you will find in PARTIZAN, the world’s most advanced VSaaS solution for managing cameras & recordings in the cloud, with analytics and broadcasting.


As part of a concept of innovation, RBS Telecom has recognized the world’s transition to SaaS solutions and today RBS is proud to represent the pioneers in the field, the Czech company PARTIZAN, which has a complete VSaaS solution since 2008. In a fixed monthly payment model, PARTIZAN provide the most advanced and cost-effective service in the world, where any installer / integrator and of course a telecom company can become a service provider quickly and easily.

Advantages of the VSaaS solution:

  • Cloud Camera Management
  • Manage recordings from cameras / cloud recording systems
  • Management from a WEB / dedicated application.
  • Especially suitable for multi-tenant management, multi-branch without the need for expensive servers.
  • Backup in case of theft of the recording system or burning of the hard disk and recordings.
  • For remote 4G cameras
  • Broadcasting – broadcasting a camera for multiple users at the same time, such as: kindergartens, construction sites and more.
  • Application alerts for the app.
  • LPR in the cloud.
  • Analytics with alerts for the application such as: crossing a line, counting people, a parameter, leaving an object / leaving an object, and more.

 Service benefits of PARTIZAN Cloud – Security camera with PARTIZAN cloud storage

How to top up the balance in the Cloud service


As part of the worldview of IP Surveillance solutions, PARTIZAN manufactures security cameras and IP & Analog recording systems, along with various analytics, standalone cameras without the need for power (internal battery), 4G cameras, access controls and intercoms, all managed through PARTIZAN’s best and most intuitive application.

Advantages of the app:

  • Software update for cameras and DVR through the app
  • Fast camera / DVR sharing through the app
  • Registration and addition to the cloud service through the app
  • Quick and easy addition via QR scan / LAN search / wireless connection through the app
  • Receive alerts from traffic and analytics through the app
  • And more…

How to set up PUSH and Email alarm notifications in PARTIZAN mobile app

How to upgrade device firmware in PARTIZAN mobile app

IP Networking innovation

Cellular communications have gained momentum in recent years with the introduction of the 4G LTE CAT6 and the ability to get fast speeds of 300Mbps UL over 50Mbps DL, helping the IoT worlds, remote connections and backups to wired network points.

The entry of the 5G CAT22 brings with it monstrous cellular rhythms (combining the end unit with power capabilities) of 7Gbps UL over 3Gbps DL (processor capabilities on paper such as QUALCOM SDX55). The combination of 5G together with WIFI 6 ax, enables dreamy rhythms within the home and business, along with a wider layout – reaching much more space without the need for additional AP units quickly and efficiently.

5G Solutions

The American company Inseego, provides a complete 5G 4X4 solution together with WIFI6ax 4X4, which includes a super smart and advanced router for home and business, a smartphone application for quick management and operation and SaaS software for managing all units from one place simply, efficiently and quickly.


  • Mighty cellular speed, no fiber needed.
  • Giga & 5Giga Ethernet inputs
  • millimeter waves input
  • WiFi6 ax is built-in, with access to 128 Clients at the same time.
  • Secure cyber with the most stringent penetration tests in the world.
  • Backup batteries in case of power failure
  • Portable routers for 5G & WiFi6ax everywhere.

Inseego Wavemaker™ FG2000 5G router

Industrial 4G&5G Solutions

Industry access communications  can sometimes be complex, the extreme approach, heat / cold and technical requirements alongside specific protocols produce a particular challenge. The European company TELTONIKA, manufactures rugged routers and switches according to the strictest industrial standards in the world, along with all communication protocols adapted to industry and cyber protection, alongside industrial grad IoT sensors and together with RMS solution – SaaS management system to manage all end units from one place.


  • Development and production in Europe (Lithuania).
  • Adapted to extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, Dual SIM, Fail-Over & Aggregation ..
  • Sending SMS according to scenarios
  • Very broad support for all communication protocols, for example: OpenVPN, HTTP (S), MQTT, Azure MQTT and many more…
  • Adapted to various verticals, such as – transportation, smart / safe city, security, industry, tourism and more and more…

RMS | Remote Management System

How to Control Teltonika Networks Devices with SMS Messages

IP Infrastructures innovation

As part of the strategic solutions approach, in the IP infrastructures field, RBS Telecom distributes a variety of complementary products from the best manufacturers and brands in the world.

Fiber Optics solutions

The giant PPC-Belden concern produces special pre-connect fiber cables solutions for RBS Telecom, easy threading and flexible with thin tactical fibers according to the G.657A2 standard, with a global patent for fast-pre-connect connection, in 2.5 seconds. Especially suitable for: FTTH, FTTD, GPON Quick connection between communication concentrations and output from millimeter-wave antennas easily applications


How to Connect Fiber Connector on PPC Pre Connect Fiber Solution

Copper solutions

inginium provides a Full Channel solution which includes CAT6A / CAT7 / CAT7A cables in a variety of shielding options – 30%, 40%, 55%, according to strict CPR standards and with the latest DELTA approval, together with a shielded, small and convenient CAT6A Keystone female connector for in wall and patch panel installation (Low Profile), with dust protection shutter and internal protection against shorts and with the approval of the strict German GHMT independent Lab and with shielded CAT6A Patch cords with different shielding levels, in different lengths and in a variety of colors

ingenium Full Channel Tests

ingenium CAT6A keystone installation

Audio/Video innovation

4K quality video streaming requirements without any compression, for long distances, has become an important and basic commodity nowadays, RBS-Telecom represents the best manufacturers with the highest Value for Money.

HD-BaseT solutions

4K quality video streaming requirements without any compression, for long distances, has become an important and basic commodity nowadays, RBS-Telecom represents the best manufacturers with the highest Value for Money.

The most cost-effective and advanced tester in the world for checking the integrity of a video line according to the HDBaseT standard, along with just the right HDMI & LAN cables and behavior as a Certifier by providing a detailed pass / fail report.